A New Generation of BioTech Products

The Xeralife Difference

Xeralife have developed a series of New Generation Biotech Products using proven technology that helps prevent the spread of diseases by trapping and safely decomposing a broad range of dangerous germs.

Researched and developed in Japan, this technology enhances protection against harmful germs and enables our products to be effective against potential mutations and new or resistant strains of pathogens. Its unique formulation is also effective against unhealthy molds or fungi, algae and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

It Works Where Others Won’t

  • Comprehensive decontamination that is safe for human use and the environment
  • Proven technology with continuous and long lasting efficiency to decontaminate
  • Functions without the need of a catalyst (such as light source, chemicals or water)
  • Works in a wide range of industries or environments
  • Effective against potential mutation and new or resistant strains of germs
  • Sustainable and environmentally responsible approach

The Xeralife Solution

A long lasting and natural organic decontaminator that captures and decomposes germs, mold, fungus, algae and volatile organic compounds.

  • Xeralife uses natural active ingredients
  • Functions without a catalyst
  • Works in wide range of environments
  • Continuous long lasting effect

Enhances Wellness Safe for Humans Safe for Environment


Facilities Management

Private Homes




Xeralife New Generation Decontaminator Products

Enhanced Wellness Safe for Humans Safe for Environment