How Xeralife Products Reduce Contamination, Infection, Workload And Costs In Health Care And Hospitals.

Xeralife offers risk-free, total decontamination with a sustainable and environmentally responsible approach. Xeralife products capture and decompose germs, mould, fungus, algae, odours and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

The Xeralife solution is fully organic and once decomposition is complete, only carbon dioxide and water are released into the environment.

The products are easy-to-use and are effective regardless of how contamination appears – in air or water or through direct contact with surfaces, fabrics or treated skin.

The result is improved health and wellbeing for patients and personnel, decreased workload for front line staff and reduced risks and costs.

Proven to work solution in new shapes

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The active ingredient in Xeralife’s products are food-grade, a compound based on Titanium Dioxide, which is well known for its strong oxidation and decontamination capabilities.

The compound are further added with Hydroxyapatite and Trace Silver. The Hydroxyapatite captures the organic matter, the Titanium Dioxide decomposes it and the Trace Silver helps speeding-up the decomposition process.

The results are totally eliminated contaminates such as bacteria, viruses, mould, spores, fungi and allergens.

Safe, yet highly effective
Xeralife’s active ingredients are certified as food grade and will not harm the environment.

Also, they are safe for humans and does not cause skin irritation. Xeralife has passed all critical tests including oral acute toxicity, patch test for human skin, primary irritant skin property test, allergenic & sensitization effects test and cell toxicity test.

Using Xeralife’s products doesn’t involve any need for special training or education or any new processes.

On the contrary, due to the effectiveness of Xeralife solution, many processes in ordinary healthcare may be decreased or eliminated altogether.

No resistant bacteria, no new processes
Contrary to antibiotics that impact on germs’ DNA structure, Xeralife simply decomposes the cell walls. Therefore, viruses and bacteria are not able to build-up resistance.

Also, as opposed to strong chemicals, the Xeralife solution is fully organic and poses no problems to environment, people or equipment. Once decomposition is complete, the residues are only water and carbon dioxide.

Read on, and find out how Xeralife products reduce contamination, infection, workload and costs in health care and hospitals.

Comparison between various common decontaminators
Antibiotics Deodorizer HEPA Filter Xeralife
Eliminate source of contamination Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Efficiency (reduction) High High Low High High
Efficiency (non-recurrence) Low Medium Low Medium High
Airborne No No Yes Yes Yes
Water Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Contact Yes Yes No N.A. Yes
Develop Resistance Yes Yes N.A. N.A. No
Cross- or re-contamination Yes Yes N.A. Yes No
Time aspect Temporary Temporary N.A. Mid-term Long term
Flexibility Medium Low Low Low High
Ease-of-use Medium Restricted High Medium High
Investment Low Medium Low High Low
Training/ procedure/ supervision/ control Medium Extensive Low Extensive Low
Operating cost Low High Low Medium Minimal
Maintenance cost Low Medium Low Medium Minimal