Ms. Nanae Miura, Nurse at Kiso’s main hospital
We are using Xeralife products on a daily basis. Offensive hospital odors have been diminished considerably. We are very satisfied with the products. Thank you.


Mr. Jiro Tanabe, Tokyo
I have used Xeralife towel to treat atopic dermatitis and it is effective.

Mr. Ryuichi Igarashi, Gunei Shoji Co.,Ltd,
I obtained a Xeralife towel and used it on my son’s body which was covered in atopic dermatitis. The treatment worked after just one application. My wife and I were so impressed, we immediately went out and bought more towels.

Ms. Shiho Nagano, Ogaki
My teacher gave me a Xeralife towel. I used it as a pillow cover. After using it, my acne got much better. I look forward to more Xeralife products for skin-care.


Agematsu-cho Nagano, MD of Kabuyashi Co., Ltd
I suffer from athlete’s foot. After I used Xeralife socks, my condition improved. I cannot live without the socks.

Kai Yamanashi, Toranomon Hospital Mr.Maruyama
Xeralife products are introduced to patients by many hospitals. I would like to introduce your socks to my patients. Please send some to us ASAP.

Germany Osnabruck, Mr.Kernner
I am working in a hospital in Osnabruck, Germany. I used your products for our patients. Especially your socks, they are very good.

Kenny, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The socks are very good, they can last for at least 3 days without odor. Usually I have foot odor after 2 days if I don’t change my socks.