Room Decontaminator Unit

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters are very effective at capturing airborne contaminants above 0.3 Microns as shown in the diagram below. However, these filters are not able to capture viruses, Volatile Organic Compounds, most tobacco, general fumes and oil smoke as well as permanently suspended particles.

HEPA filters must be moist to retain airborne contaminants. Most new buildings’ interiors however are well sealed, resulting in very dry climates. Therefore, the effectiveness of HEPA filters to capture and retain airborne contaminants is relatively poor in modern buildings. Also, HEPA filters only capture airborne particulates, they do not decompose them. This means filters can become breeding areas for organic contaminants and as they reach saturation – usually within 3 to 5 months - contaminants are able to flow back into the air and cause cross-contamination.

Xeralife’s HEPA filter offers significant advantages.

  1. It captures organic contaminants below the 0.3 micron limit of HEPA filters. This includes viruses and VOCs. It also noticeably eliminates tobacco smoke and other odors from the air
  2. It decomposes all organic contaminants. This means germs, mold and fungi cannot multiply and cause cross-contamination
  3. The Hydroxyapetite effectively retains all organic contaminants, even under dry conditions