At Xeralife, we are committed to improving our fellow man's health and wellbeing while protecting our planet. We achieve this by generating products that are
  • Life protecting
  • Protect the environment
  • Long lasting
  • Effective
  • Safe
  • Available
  • Affordable

Products that protect lives
Our products protect lives by decomposing organic contaminants such as Influenza and E.coli that cause serious disease.
They further promote health and wellbeing by decomposing fungus, mold, odors and VOCs.

Products that protect the environment
Our ingredients are natural and will not contaminate the environment. On the contrary, only carbon dioxide and water are released once the decomposition process is complete.

Products that last long
Our products are designed to last as long as possible to optimize their value. For example, our Decontaminator Towel are designed to last 50 washes.

Products that prove effective
For our products to carry the Xeralife brand name, they have to demonstrate their effectiveness in real life conditions. We continuously conduct tests to verify that our products stand-up to our quality and durability expectations

Products that are safe
We ensure all our products pass international standards for use with humans.

Products that are available
We work closely with our distributors to ensure Xeralife products are available in their market at the wholesale and retail levels. We also work closely with the wholesaling partners to ensure our products meet the local market requirements

Products that are affordable
As Xeralife products protect lives and help improve health and wellbeing of everyone, we strive to make our products affordable to as many people as possible.